Ferial.gg - A new network for content creators.

We're developing a network for content creators.

You'll soon be able to professionalise your career as a content creator with new revenue streams. We'll deal with all the boring stuff, you do what you are best at: creating compelling content!

Register your interest and receive updates

Drop us an email at: partners@ferial.media


Here are just some of the things we will be providing!

1. Community Hosting

Host your community with us without needing to deal with technical issues.

2. Free Email Address

Use a professional email address and show sponsors and partners that you're serious.

3. Manage subscriptions

Provide exclusive content for a subscription fee. All payments and support managed by us.

4. Free Mailbox

A free mailbox for your fans to send physical mail and parcels

5. Store

Sell your merchandise in our store and keep a share of the profits.

6. Advice and Support

Advice and support for all content creators


We offer extremely competitive prices for all products.

No, the network is planned to be open to all types of content creators.
Requirements have not been fully considered yet. We will work with content creators to look at requirements. The likelihood is that there will be no requirements at launch.
Content creators should expect to earn at least 50% of the profit for their subscription fees, merchandising profits and other sales. Content creators at higher tiers will receive a higher proportion of profit.